How Fabricators Minimise Distortion in Perforated Sheet Metal

Posted on: 1 June 2017
Some homeowners may be discouraged from using perforated sheet metal as a fencing material because they fear that the fencing materials will be distorted and weakened by the process of perforating them. Such people may not know that fabricators now have various approaches to minimise distortion and material weakening during the punching process. This article discusses some of the techniques that preserve material integrity during the punching process. Clustering the Pins
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Potential Weak Points in Your Pool Fencing and How to Fix Them

Posted on: 22 May 2017
If you have kids around, pool fencing is absolutely essential. Tragic pool drowning accidents take place every year, and you don't want to become part of the statistics. However, simply installing a pool fence isn't always enough. Many pool fences contain vulnerabilities which allow children to access the pool, putting them in serious danger. It's also important to monitor the suitability of your fencing as your children grow older. A fence that could protect a toddler might be easily passed by a 6-year-old.
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Boost the Appeal of Your Fence by Adding Some Character to It

Posted on: 4 May 2017
Fencing usually is considered a utilitarian aspect of the home, as individuals will install it for functional purposes. These objectives could range from security, privacy or simply demarcating their property line. However, this does not mean that your fencing has to be bland and unattractive. Rather than opting for conventional ways of sprucing up your fence — for example, painting it a solid colour — you should instead seek to jazz it up by giving the fence some personality.
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How to Dress Up a Residential Metal Fence

Posted on: 14 April 2017
A metal fence is a great choice for any residential property, as it's durable and sturdy and needs very little maintenance. This type of fence, whether it's solid metal panels or wrought iron bars, can be colour bonded, which is a colour added through a coating method that also protects the metal. This bonding means that a homeowner doesn't need to paint, sealcoat or otherwise make repairs to their metal fence.
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