Fabrication Process of Chain Wire Fence Gates: What Meets Your Needs?

Posted on: 2 October 2020

Chain wire fences are a popular choice among many homeowners. People look to them when they want the perfect balance between functionality, good looks and durability. Chain wire fence gates pride themselves on many things, including strength and versatility. They work well with chain-link fences, but that does not limit you from using them alongside other barriers when you want to mix things up. Sadly, some people don't know why there is a fuss about these gates. It all lies in the small details right from the fabrication to the installation processes. Sit back and learn more about these fence gates to know what works best for you:

Galvanised Chain Wire Fence Gates

When you think about fence gates, strength must be a top priority. The gate must capably stand up to the brute force of an intruder, and that calls for a material that can maintain its structural integrity over a long period. Indeed, there is no better way of guaranteeing this than going for a fence gate made from galvanised steel. The fabrication process involves dipping the steel wires in hot zinc to create a sacrificial coating. The coating battles all the harmful elements while ensuring that your steel fence gate wires stay safe from corrosion. More importantly, the galvanic coating is self-replenishing and delivers a low-maintenance gate for years. You enjoy a good degree of resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Typically, your fence gate fits well in its frames despite the extremities of the weather.

Aluminium Chain Wire Fence Gates

Aluminium is the next best alternative after a galvanised fence gate. The fabrication process varies from the one explained earlier. Here, the fabricator cold-draws good quality steel rods into the desired diameter using the oxygen process, open-hearth or specialised electric furnace. The result is a lightweight fence gate with high tensile strength and relative ease when installing it. The metallic base material comprises aluminium wires coated with medium carbon. This ensures that your fence gate resists corrosion and easily stands up to the harsh outdoor environment.

PVC Coated Chain Wire Fence Gates

The grey, metallic appearance derived from steel and aluminium may not be appealing to everyone. That appearance can also make your fence gate look out of place from the other accessories in your garden. In such cases, your best option would be a subtle green or black look that you can get by installing a PVC coated chain wire fence. The gate is made using polyvinyl chloride wire that allows you to add a little style and colour.

For more information, reach out to a fence gate installation service near you.