Ways To Increase The Visual Interest Of Your Front Yard Privacy Fence

Posted on: 16 June 2020

If you live on a busy road with vehicles and people rushing by all day, you might prefer a high front fence for privacy. The problem with tall barriers, however, is that they tend to look bulky and monotonous. Here are several ways to ensure your new high front fence has visual appeal.

Mix Materials

One way to prevent dullness is to mix materials. Solid substances like brick or cement, can feel bulky and overbearing across a large area. However, interspersing sections of horizontal slats within the structure lightens the design. Often the brick or cement base wall will have low parts and high pillars, and this height difference alone adds variety. Plus the slats that extend pillar to pillar, using timber or aluminium, increase visual interest further. 

Some designs alternate entire segments with different substances—one part might use slats, top to bottom, while another section uses rendered cement, for instance. Your imagination only limits mixed-material designs. Pick fencing options that complement and contrast with your home's cladding to produce a harmonious overall picture. You might create coherence by repeating the horizontal lines of weatherboard cladding with horizontal slats, for instance, or repeat brickwork in both structures.

Step or Stagger The Fence

Sometimes the natural landscape comes to your aid, adding natural appeal to your privacy fence; thus, lessening the need for other techniques. For instance, the barrier might travel up a slope rather than along flat, even ground. In these cases, rather than setting the fence to follow the hill, you can step or stagger sections, creating several levels. With each part being a different height, your wall is instantly more exciting and less monotonous. 

Add Planter Boxes

From inside a small front yard, a high fence, regardless of the material, can create a looming presence that closes in the garden. Up close, a barrier can also appear more monotonous. One way to add texture is to layer the fence with planter boxes filled with lush flowers and foliage. The greenery will disguise and soften the hard wall line, giving the impression of a more spacious front yard—if all the eye sees is plant life, then that could conceivably extend further past the fence line. A brown slat fence in timber or aluminium will tend to mingle with the plants, becoming part of an imaginary forest or bush viewpoint. Voila, your wall isn't so monotonous as you can't even see it.

For more tips on how to make a visually appealing fence, reach out to a local fencing company.