Benefits of Chain Mesh as a Front Fence

Posted on: 22 February 2021

If you're examining front fence options, you'll have various materials and structures to consider. One possibility is chain-mesh fencing. To discover the benefits of these barriers, read on.

Colour Options

While you can construct a silver fence, that's not the only option for chain-mesh fences. You can also opt for black, brown and green PVC-coated meshing. Thus, you'll be able to match the fencing to your home. Green and brown give an earthy quality to the metal, and they harmonise with garden and bush environments. A black fence looks smarter, and it will merge with any background without being too intrusive.

Resilient to Rust

Chain-mesh fencing is resilient and withstands harsh weather conditions. These barriers often use galvanised steel, which is coated in a guarding zinc film. The webbing on coloured fences is wrapped in PVC, and this vinyl further preserves the metal. The posts and top posts are usually powder-coated in a matching hue with a fused-on hard paint layer that adds another shield for these barriers.

Height Variations

You will be able to decide the perfect height for your front garden fence. If you want to restrain a large dog on the property, you can build a particularly tall wall. Structures can be created that range from waist high to several metres tall, so you'll have no problems constructing your ideal barrier.


The open weave of these fences offers clear visibility from both sides. You'll enjoy an open, expansive feel in your front garden, as a privacy fence won't block the view. As well, clear visibility will make your property safer. A passerby could report any criminals who break in who won't be able to hide behind a privacy fence. Your plants will also benefit from the open-weave meshing. They won't be swamped in shadow but will be able to bask in direct sunshine.

Quick Installation

Not only do these fences resist the elements and endure for years, but they're easy to set up in the first place. Contractors unwind the mesh and fasten it to the posts, which they burrow into the ground. As well, they stretch out the webbing to connect to the top rail. The overall process is simpler and more straightforward than other fence styles that require heavier materials and more involved construction methods, such as brick and tubular metal fences. Thus, you won't be inconvenienced for so long by the construction process.