Fence Styles That Show Off a Front Garden

Posted on: 28 February 2023

You may be looking for a front fence that doesn't obstruct the view so that you can fully appreciate your front garden. If so, here are several fence styles to consider.

Tubular Metal

One attractive fence is a tubular metal design. These barriers use hollow pickets, which come in a variety of colours like black, green and blue. The particular designs on offer are quite diverse. You could opt for a simple configuration of railings with a horizontal bar across the fence top. Alternatively, you could choose pickets with carved spearhead tips in combination with decorative scrolls and circles. While these fences suit traditional homes, they can also complement modern or contemporary houses if you choose a simple style.

Pick between steel, which is heavier and often stronger, and aluminium which is lighter and naturally rust-resistant. The powder-coated paint on these fences doesn't tend to chip and flake, so upkeep is minimal.

Picket Fence

Another fence that will showcase your home's kerb appeal is a picket fence. The picket tips on these structures are carved into different shapes. They can be round, square, pointed or shaped into ornate arcs. Another aspect of this fencing that creates different looks is the top line of the fence. If all the pickets are the same height, the fence top will be horizontal. But it can also be concave, arching downwards, or convex, arching upwards.

If you want a more contemporary picket fence, you could opt for square pickets that form a horizontal fence line. Rather than painting it a classic white, you could choose charcoal or opt for stained timber. The posts are important too in this fence style, as the caps come in simple and elaborately carved shapes. You could install high decorative posts with a lower fence, making them stand out. Timber and PVC are two popular material choices for pickets, and they're also made of metal.

Woven Wire

If you live on a heritage property, you might consider a woven wire fence. The wire comes in rolls, and it's typically attached to a framework of straight-sided wooden posts and rails. Being powder-coated, the wire withstands the elements. You can also install a woven wire gate with beautiful metalwork. The woven wire gives these fences a lacy appearance.

Another entirely different kind of wire fencing is chain-link mesh. These barriers are ideal if you want your front fence to create a boundary but don't want something decorative. The utilitarian wire mesh comes in rolls, and it's affixed to metal posts and rails. You can pick from silver, green or black PVC-coated wire. 

For more info about fencing, contact a local company.