• 5 Benefits Of Chain Wire Fencing For Children's Play Areas

    Children need space to play outside, but schools, kindergartens and other kids' facilities must carefully consider the safety and security of these places. Aside from the play equipment you decide to use, you must also think about the type of fencing you install around the play area. Find out why chain wire fencing is one of the best options for a child's play area, and understand more about the benefits of this versatile material.
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  • Rebuilding Your Fences After The Bushfire Is Gone

    Most Australians know that each year part of their country will be ravaged by bushfire. Even the capital city of Canberra is not immune to the destruction this natural disaster can bring, with the city being described as '"one of the most fire-prone cities" in the nation'. Living out of town on a few acres does mean your exposure to bushfire danger is higher, and after one has ripped through your property you may be wondering where to start when it comes to the rebuilding process.
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  • Five Tubular Fence Modifications to Keep Out Rabbits, Foxes, Deer and Other Animal Pests

    You have a beautiful tubular fence around your garden, but unfortunately, although your fence is sturdy and versatile, it is not keeping out pests such as deer, foxes and rabbits. If you want these creatures off your grass, out of your garden, you can keep them out with a few simple modifications to your existing tubular fence. 1. Electrify it One of the simplest modifications you can add to a tubular fence to keep out unwanted animals is electrification.
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