A simple guide to find out what is the best automatic gate for your home

Posted on: 13 December 2019

Upgrading to an automatic gate is no easy decision as there are many options on the market to choose from. Some perform better against attempted intruders while others have better aesthetic value and are popular for their looks. You'll require two things to choose your gate from the myriad of differently designed gates out there: understanding of what your needs are and an examination of the choices available to you. Once you know the choices on offer, the decision-making process becomes much easier.

The Key Features Of Automatic Gates

An automatic gate should do two things: stop cars and foot traffic from entering your property and open without you having to get out of your car and physically move it. There are two major designs that almost all automatic gates fall under. The first is sliding gates and the second is swing gates. The difference is obvious in the name alone but it is important to understand just what those differences mean for you as an owner as they have distinct benefits. If you are searching for an automatic gate, then you most likely will be choosing from these two designs so let's have a quick look at them.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are probably the more popular option because they are easier to install, have a lower maintenance cost and can also be reinforced much easier if security is a genuine concern. Sliding gates do not need much room to be installed as they store themselves inline with the rest of the fence when not in use. They also have fewer electronically controlled systems which means that they don't break down as much as swing gates. This generally makes them cheaper as well, which gives you room to upgrade them with a plethora of features available to you from reinforced bars to keypads and intercoms. 

Swing Gates

Swing gates open inwards and provide that classic luxury look that many people are looking for in an automatic gate. For those looking to add the finishing touch to a beautifully designed home and garden, then swing gates are the only option. While they do cost more, they are also very secure and can be reinforced as well. Often swing gates are reserved for private properties while sliding gates are more popular on commercial sites. Swing gates can also be easily customised with intricate designs, different materials (wood is very popular) and much more. For those that are looking for the ultimate in luxury gates then you cannot go past a swing gate. 

If you think that you'd like an automatic gate on your property, get in contact with a gate professional.