Storage Cages: Three Simple Tips for Securing Your Valuable Items

Posted on: 18 March 2019

If you are looking for an economical method for securing valuable items such as tools, bikes, equipment and hazardous materials, you should think about installing a storage cage on your property. This type of structure is inexpensive in comparison to building a shed or other storage room. Also, the cages can be fitted into a small area, minimising inconvenience. In addition, these containment areas are quite secure. However, keep in mind that the level of security is dependent on your choices. Here are simple tips on keeping your items secure in a storage cage.  

Choose a Strong Cage

When choosing a storage cage, you should prioritise strength and resilience. If the structure is too weak, your valuables could be compromised by vandals and thieves with the right tools. Under ideal circumstances, the cage should be built using steel or stainless steel. The right choice will depend on your budget, environment, purpose and preference. You should also inspect the cages and ensure that the mesh and the frames are not vulnerable to easy cutting, shearing and denting. Additionally, compare the different design options, including perforated metal, welded wire and chain link.

Check the Meshing Size

You should check the weave of the storage cages on the market before selection and purchase. Simply speaking, it is important to ensure that the gaps in the mesh will not provide a convenient access option for intruders. This is particularly important if you are planning on placing small items into your storage cage. If the spaces in the mesh are too large, unscrupulous persons could reach in with their hands or a pole and pull out your belongings. Therefore, you should take this issue into account and choose a tightly woven cage. However, if you are planning on storing large items, the meshing can be wide.

Install the Cage Correctly

The installation of the cage will determine the security of the stored items. A good cage could lose its reliability due to poor setup. Therefore, when you acquire your cage, you should inquire about the possibility of professional installation. The experts will make sure that the cage is secured to the ground, floor or wall, minimising vulnerability. As long as the structure is installed properly, it will not be compromised through mechanical impact or pressure. If you are set on assembling and installing the cage personally, use resilient hardware for the process.

Finally, you should purchase and use a reliable locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised access through the storage cage door.