Got Kids? What to Look for in a Quality Glass Pool Fence

Posted on: 8 January 2019

You may be thinking of installing glass pool fencing but are hesitant because you fear the kids will destroy it as soon as it's installed. Luckily, glass fences come in durable forms that can withstand even the heaviest bashing from playful children.

The key is to carefully pick out features so the glass fence will withstand heavy use. Here's what to look for in glass pool fencing for your home.

1. Thickness and shatter-proof properties

The first feature to look out for in glass pool fencing is thickness. The thicker the glass panel, the less likely it is to shatter. You should also look for glass that is strong even when installed in thinner layers. Toughened glass variants will remain durable for a longer time than regular glass.

In addition, make sure that the glass is shatter proof. Rather than choosing standard glass that will break into tiny sharp pieces that will harm your children, look for glass fences that break into larger, unsharpened chunks. Shatter resistance is an important safety feature for all glass pool fences.

2. Stain resistance

A glass fence that easily stains can become an unsightly investment. Therefore, look for glass panels that don't easily stain. If you opt for framed panels, make sure the frame itself doesn't corrode or easily break after frequent use.

You can expect that your glass pool fence will undergo heavy use by your kids whenever they're swimming. Make maintenance easier by ensuring that the glass can be cleaned using basic products (such as glass cleaner).

3. Accessories

Accessories add life to your glass pool fencing and make the outdoor space look much better. From the hinges that allow your panels to move to the posts that anchor the fence in place, you will have many decisions to make when it comes to accessories. Opt for stainless steel parts that don't easily break or aluminium components that don't corrode.

If you're adding a gate along with the glass fence, consider the hinges and locking systems it comes with. Both parts should be durable enough to withstand heavy use.

4. Colour options

To add style to your glass fence, look for panels that can be powder coated with various colours. Hints of blue reflect well against the water surface and create a seamless feel to your entire pool area.

You can also infuse interesting contrasts by adding hints of red, brown or yellow to the glass panels.