A Guide to Chain Link Fencing

Posted on: 26 September 2018

Chain link fencing is generally used to surround commercial and public buildings. It can offer a degree of durability and security. The advantages of chain link fencing depend on the materials that the fence uses. There are various factors that you should consider when thinking about installing chain link fencing.

Benefits of chain link fencing 

Chain link fencing can be galvanised to protect it from water damage. This is because zinc is used which creates a proofing effect across the fence. Chain link fencing can be an inexpensive fencing option for any property. There are different levels of thickness available; the thicker the chain, the stronger the fence can be against damage caused by potential intruders.

Compared to some fencing options, chain link fencing is relatively easy to install around your property. It is a good option if you are on a budget and want to increase the security of your property.

Depending on the materials used, chain link fencing can be a great security measure. If the fencing is made from steel, the steel will lock together in a diamond shape which strengthens the surface area of the fence. This type of chain link fencing is typically more high-end than other types of chain link fencing, and it is often used for high-security areas. Chain link fencing can be quickly repaired and does not require as much maintenance as other types of fencing, for example, timber fencing.

Limitations of chain link fencing

Chain link fencing does not usually offer many style options. Most fencing will either be silver, green or black. It is useful for public buildings, but it does not necessarily suit residential properties. Depending on the materials used, chain link fencing may not provide as much protection as aluminium or steel fencing. However, these types of fences are often much more expensive than simple chain link fencing. Additionally, chain link fencing does not provide privacy as there are spaces inside each chain, making the fence see-through.

How to install chain link fencing

Unroll the chain link fence and measure the distance between each end. If posts are not already present, dig a hole either side and install wooden, iron or concrete posts. A layer of concrete should be added to secure the post into place.

Use wire on either post to create a rail for the fence. Pull the chain link fencing and stretch it as far as possible. Tie the chain link to the rail in regular intervals, using tying wire.