4 Tips for DIY Slatted Fence Installation

Posted on: 26 October 2017

 It is possible for a homeowner to install a slatted wooden fence without contracting the services of a professional. This article discusses some of the tips that can help you to undertake a satisfactory slatted fence installation project.

Stain the boards

Wood can deteriorate quickly if it is not protected from weather elements. It is therefore wise to stain the fence boards that are exposed. Double-soak those boards in a staining compound so that their service life will be extended. Stain each of the timber pieces individually instead of waiting to stain the entire fence once it has been installed. Staining the pieces separately ensures thorough coverage of each piece of wood.

Start by setting a few posts

Some people may opt to set all the posts of the fence at once before coming back to install the slats. This approach may not be advisable in case the terrain is not even or the shape of your yard is irregular. A better approach would be for you to map a general outline of where the slatted fence should be installed. You can then install the posts in groups of five so that you can adjust their location and height as the fence takes shape. This will save you from the hassles of having to remove the posts whose concrete footings have already set after you discover that the last posts are off their mark by several feet.

Exceed the expected dimensions

You can also have better outcomes if you initially install posts and slats that are taller than what you require. You can then trim those slats and posts at the end of the project so that they match perfectly. This is better than having to adjust the depth of a post to make it the same height as those on a higher section of your property.

Use coated screws

It is better to use screws than nails during installation. Screws take a stronger hold of the slats when compared to nails that can easily fail when strong winds blow in your area. It is also a good idea to buy coated screws, such as ceramic coated ones, during your project. These will not be easily affected by rust and corrosion when compared to the uncoated ones. Thus, your slatted fence will last longer.

Your installation project will last longer if you implement these tips. However, you should ask an expert for help in case you encounter any unexpected challenges during the project.