How to Choose the Best Driveway Gate for Your Residential Property

Posted on: 21 August 2017

A driveway gate can add security to your property and also give your home a stately, upscale look. If you've decided to add a gate to your home's fence, note a few tips to keep in mind so you get the right gate for your property in particular.


A tall gate can be very secure, but consider that a potential thief or intruder may be willing to scale that gate if it has convenient hand and toe holds for them. To avoid this, choose vertical bars or slats rather than horizontal. Avoid metal that is punched in a scrollwork or other design that would also provide hand/toe holds for climbing. Pointed finials at the top of the gate can also make it more difficult to scale; if you opt for a wood gate, choose pointed spikes or pickets.

Noise insulation

If you live on a busy roadway or near any type of noisy production facility, school or somewhere similar, you want a solid gate that either absorbs soundwaves or bounces them off its surface. A soft wood gate can help insulate your garden, or you might choose a solid metal gate to block all that noise. If you prefer slats or bars so that sunlight and fresh air circulate into your outdoor space, and to keep the gate from looking overly industrial, keep those slats and bars spaced as close as possible to help block out noise.


A swing-out gate can be dangerous for a residential property if it reaches near an area where people are walking or driving. Also, if you need to keep your car so far back from a swing-out gate that you remain in the street, this can be dangerous and may also result in a ticket for blocking traffic. Choose a sliding gate if you're not sure of the clearance your driveway would offer for a swinging gate.


Don't underestimate the appearance of a residential gate, as this is the first thing people will see when they visit your home! Once you've considered security and any needed noise insulation, have fun with the gate's design. Your might have the family initials painted on the front of a gate or add extra metal framework around a wood gate to break up the look. If it's wood, think about painting it a fun and bold colour so that it is unique and personal to your property.