Why Choose Brush Fencing for Your Property

Posted on: 18 June 2017

When it comes to the fencing around your property, you have many choices and options, but traditional brush fencing is a favourite for homeowners for a variety of reasons. If you're in the market for a new fence for your property, note a few reasons to choose brush fencing versus any other material and style:

Lack of maintenance

Machine pressed brush fencing usually needs little to no maintenance over the years. This type of fencing is, as the name implies, pressed together by a machine, to make the material very dense and compact. In turn, the brush panels won't sag or begin to tilt, and they won't hold moisture that would otherwise cause damage to a wood fence.

This pressing also means the brush material won't ever need trimming or cutting, and of course the brush itself doesn't need repainting or staining, and will never rust or corrode. For a durable fence that you won't need to maintain over the years, opt for a machine pressed brush fence.

Privacy and sound insulation

A hurricane fence provides virtually no privacy or sound insulation, which can be a concern when your home is close to the neighbours or a nearby roadway. You may also find it difficult to relax and enjoy a patio or deck space when you feel your neighbours are staring at you.

While a wood or vinyl panel fence or thick mesh fence may provide privacy, these materials don't absorb much sound, and can also make your property seem a bit closed-in. A glass fence can deflect sound waves so it may make the space quiet, but glass offers little privacy. The thick material of a brush fence will help with sound absorption and also create a completely private fence without the material seeming too overwhelming or imposing.

Affordable and easy installation

Wood slats for a fence are often installed one at a time, making it a very expensive installation job. It can also be difficult to ensure the slats are even and level as they're installed. A glass fence is also typically more difficult to install since the glass is very heavy and needs some extra caution during handling so that it's not scratched or broken.

A machine pressed brush fence is usually much easier and more affordable to install since the fence often comes in sections or panels that are placed between poles. Many homeowners can actually manage this work themselves, making the initial installation and any replacement panels much more affordable and easier to manage.

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