Boost the Appeal of Your Fence by Adding Some Character to It

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Fencing usually is considered a utilitarian aspect of the home, as individuals will install it for functional purposes. These objectives could range from security, privacy or simply demarcating their property line. However, this does not mean that your fencing has to be bland and unattractive. Rather than opting for conventional ways of sprucing up your fence — for example, painting it a solid colour — you should instead seek to jazz it up by giving the fence some personality. Below are some of the ways that you can boost the appeal of your fence by adding some character to it.

Have a mural painted on the fence

One of the easiest ways that you can make your fence more attractive is by using it as a backdrop for artwork in the form of a mural. Opting for a mural is great as it not only is a great conversation started, but also your creativity will be unbounded when it comes to selecting subject matter for the painting. Murals on the fence are also ideal if the fence is part of your exterior living space such as in your backyard. Moreover, murals are a great way to jazz the appearance of your fence as they can be painted on both solid as well as picket fencing.

One thing to note when painting a mural on your fence is you are better off hiring a professional painter if you are not artistically included. Keep in mind that these paintings are quite large, so you should ensure that it is something you will be able to look at for the long term.

Incorporate foliage and plants on your fence

Another way to increase the appeal of your fence and inadvertently boost the aesthetics of your property is by making your fence look living. If you have a tall fence, you would be better off with climbing vines and trellises that will be able to scale the height of your fence.

On the other hand, if you have a shorter fence, you may want to consider adding planters on the base of the fence, which can be filled with flowering plants. These will add some colour to your fencing.

Lush greenery makes a great accessory to fencing as it seamlessly blends in with the outdoors and the environment. In addition to this, the additions of foliage and plants will also increase the fresh air on your property as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to your surroundings. For more information, contact a fencing contractor.