5 Benefits Of Chain Wire Fencing For Children's Play Areas

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Children need space to play outside, but schools, kindergartens and other kids' facilities must carefully consider the safety and security of these places. Aside from the play equipment you decide to use, you must also think about the type of fencing you install around the play area. Find out why chain wire fencing is one of the best options for a child's play area, and understand more about the benefits of this versatile material.

Visible from all angles

You need to make it easy for supervising staff and/or parents to see their children at all times. Solid timber fencing or brick walls will often obscure your line of sight, which could make it harder to keep an eye on children while they play.

Chain link fencing allows constant visibility of children in the play area from all angles. What's more, you can also easily see anybody unusual standing or loitering outside the perimeter. Chain link fencing also creates a better atmosphere for the kids in the play area because they can see what's going on outside. Other barriers may make kids feel claustrophobic or hemmed in.


Chain link fencing suppliers can easily customise the installation of your new border to account for specific needs. For example, you may want the fence higher in certain parts (or all round) to prevent balls and toys disappearing over the top of the border. You can pretty much have a chain link fence as high or low as you want, and you can even opt for different colours.

You can also easily use chain link fencing to segregate areas within the playground. For example, in areas with older children, you might make the fence higher to stop the kids clambering over the top. Similarly, you may need stretches of higher fencing where the play area backs on to residential properties, so you don't have to deal with complaints about broken windows. Chain link fencing is one of the easiest materials to customise in this way.


Chain link fencing is durable and lasts a long time. The design of the fencing allows the material to absorb some impacts without any damage. For example, if a child kicks a ball against the fence, you don't need to worry about a hole suddenly appearing as you may do with thin, solid timber fences.

Chain link fencing can also cope with the different types of weather you would expect in the Australian climate. In the heat of summer, a chain link fence will allow any breeze to run across the playground, which will help keep children cool. However, the galvanised metal chain links can also cope with heavy rain and moisture without turning rusty, and a chain link fence is also able to withstand strong winds where other types of fencing can blow over.

What's more, if you do have a problem with a certain section of the fence, it's easy for your supplier to replace a small section without replacing the whole fence. As such, if you have a limited budget, a chain link fence will also probably suit your needs.

Limited risk of graffiti or vandalism

Kids' playgrounds sometimes suffer from vandalism, including graffiti. Walls and fences are often a target for graffiti artists, and if the graffiti is offensive, you'll need to quickly cover up the artwork before little eyes see any tasteless images or words. However, chain link fences aren't susceptible to graffiti because there's no surface area to spray or paint over, so you have one less problem to worry about.

Limited need for maintenance

Once a supplier installs your chain link fence, you don't really need to worry about maintenance. There's almost no upkeep involved with a chain link fence, and you don't need to think about repainting or reapplying any type of protective treatment to the fence. At most, you may want to wash a chain link fence with soap and water every now and again, but if you haven't got time to do this sort of thing, it won't interfere with the function of the fence.

Chain link fencing is an effective way to install a barrier around a children's play area. Talk to a local supplier, such as Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd, for more information and advice.